I & M Disco

I & M Disco   Disco Services in Bournemouth,
                                                            Poole and the surrounding areas

Phone / Text: 07535924100


I & M Disco provide discos for all types of events and cover Bournemouth, Poole & the surrounding areas. Unlike many other DJs, we carry spare equipment to all of our events so that if there are any electrical malfunctions, the event can carry on. We have never had to use our spare equipment, but as you can appreciate, any electrical appliance goes wrong at some point and it's always best to be prepared! We have all been to family get togethers where we want to speak to our family we don't see very often and it is very often difficult to do this, even at the back of the room. I & M Disco understand this and welcome the event organisers to liaise with the DJ so that the disco is running at an acceptable volume for everyone, whether they are dancing or chatting. 

Please click on the relevant button at the top of the page to find out more about what you are after. I & M Disco are also available for weddings - please contact us for more information on these.

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